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Kinetic Options Company Overview

Kinetic Options is a Veteran Woman-Owned company which specializes in Real World Training. The staff is all former military, special operations or law enforcement tactics instructors with real world combat experience. Blocks of instruction include–but not limited to–the following: Mobile Force Protection; Immediate Action Drills; Pursuit/counter pursuit; Advanced off-road – ATV, LTATV, Non-tactical and tactical vehicles; Drivers training; Convoy drivers training; MRAP driving course; COIN Operations; Key Leader Engagement; Weapon Marksmanship training; Standard Operating Procedure Development; Special Forces style Team building – military and Corporate leaders/managers; Leadership Enhancement; Convoy Operations; Security Operations; Threat vulnerability Assessments; Mobility/vehicle consultation, Personal security and Leadership development. Courses are specifically designed to maximize training value and returns.


Kinetic Option Capabilities:

Advanced Off-Road Driving and Horseback/Pack Animal Training
Kinetic Options provides training events for advanced off-road techniques using the following platforms: ATV, LTATV, Non-standard Tactical Vehicles (Toyotas), HMMWV Platforms, MRAP family of vehicles and SRATs. We also have the ability to provide horseback riding and pack animal training.

The mobility period of instruction include, battle damage assessment and repair, recovery assisted and unassisted, basic recovery, combat recovery and maintenance. During the pack animal block of instruction, we provide animal familiarization, packing/loading, riding techniques and animal care and maintenance.

Defensive Driving Course

This course consists of Defensive driving techniques, pursuit and counter pursuit, extraction drills and immediate action drills. We provide the cars for this training

Weapons Training

We provide blocks of instruction for pistol marksmanship, rifle marksmanship and limited tactical shooting (depends on element in training).

*** We provide training on immediate action drills for all training listed above. ***

Kinetic Options Training Assets

SOF cadre with over 25 years of combined combat experience

Equipped training vehicles (NSTV) and recovery gear. Horse and pack animals, LTATV and ATV Instructor vehicles. We are capable of transporting limited customer equipment to our training events.

We can provide training in the following locations: North Carolina, West Virginia, Missouri, Idaho and Oregon. The customer can chose the location and terrain that suits the needs of their training.

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